Dustcatcher is a term used by Stephen King in his novel Bag of Bones to describe books stored under the bed gathering dust and its relationship to the death of the author of these books. The work is based on the idea of a dustcatcher in relation to archive footage viewed on Youtube. In this case the dustcatcher is the computer screen and the dust becomes the only visible sign between the reflection of the present and the footage of the past – in this case footage of a brief meeting between Peter Sellers and the Beatles in Twickenham film studios in 1969 where they were filming separate projects. It is unclear in this case whether the dust gathers on the past or the present, but is materially there as a signification of the impossibility, or, at the very least, oddness of the future.

The soundwork Dustcatcher has been recorded from music from this footage and the music (by La Femme) that was being played in the apartment when the footage was viewed. This is combined with a reading of the transcription from the meeting with these historic figures from the sixties.